With Tally On Wheels, these audits can be completed with 100% accuracy saving 90% of the usual time taken, by harnessing the power of technology like cloud computing and advanced AI tools at a fraction of your current costs!

Automated Ledger Scrutiny

Tally On Wheels has a system for auditing, categorizing and analyzing all transactions in the company’s books of account. It will do 100% check unlike the sampling method making it very accurate. It is able to automatically detect risky ledger balances and transactions, reducing the risk of human errors and omissions that can become expensive in the long run.

Revised Schedule III & NON-Corporate entity Financials

Tally On Wheels speeds up and simplifies the process of generating Statutorily compliant financial statements by making it effortless. The time it takes to generate these statements will be reduced by 90%, simply because everything is automated and user-friendly.

GSTR9 & 9C with auto reconcilliation

GSTR 9 and GSTR9C can be generated on Tally On Wheels in the most accurate way. It will sync the data from GST Portal and your books of accounts from Tally, give a reconciliation report and GSTR9 working file in a few mins. 

Cost Centre Analysis

Business insights are not derived from the financial PnL. With Tally on Wheels cost centre analysis, business decisions like product pricing, effective vendor or customer dependency and future engagements can be done effectively.

Multi-Entity Consolidation

Consolidating the books of accounts for different business verticals is a labor-intensive process that requires man hours of work. Tally On Wheels lets accountants generate consolidated financial statements automatically and in a single click, incorporating balances from all divisions and eliminating inter-division transactions.

Automated Ratio & Ageing Analysis

With the revised Schedule III of the Companies Act, 2013, it is necessary to maintain multi-tiered ageing analysis for CWIP, Intangibles, Trade Payables and Receivables. Tally on Wheels enables single click generation of ageing analysis reports in seconds as per the prescribed format. The mandatory flagging, such as MSME/Non-MSME, Disputed / Undisputed, Secured / Unsecured etc., are accurately captured in the Financial Statements

Detailed annexure of incomes & Expenses

Tally On Wheels allows accountants to generate Detailed Annexures automatically in a single click. This labor-intensive process of generating statements is automated incorporating transactions from all heads in the Profit and Loss statement into your company’s financial reports and bookkeeping.

MIS Reports

MIS reports are a crucial part of any business or organization. They provide vital information about the inner workings of the operation, and can help identify areas of improvement. MIS reports can be customized to track specific metrics, and are often used to make data-driven decisions. .

Add-Ons To Tally ERP / Tally Prime

We are creating various add-ons for Financial Control and to improve User experience and have controls at the data entry. Thus, improve the usability of Tally ERP/Prime Software.

Each of these tasks in under 3 mins!!


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